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Reduced cost courses, apprenticeships, volunteering and employment within Sport and Physical Activity  

About Us

The Achievement Project aims to develop an accessible, sustainable and fit for purpose workforce that increases the number of people playing, volunteering and working within sport.

It achieves this by creating an accessible coach education programme for residents of Leicester, offering reduced cost courses and workshops that enable volunteers and coaches to gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience.

The project also offers information, advice and guidance to beneficiaries, as well as volunteering and employment opportunities within sport and physical activity; with the overall intention being to offer beneficiaries a journey that they could enter at any stage and ultimately reach their desired level of achievement.

So far, over 3 years, the project has engaged with nearly 1,500 beneficiaries, with 123 courses and workshops delivered and 918 qualifications gained. 317 volunteers have been engaged, all of whom have contributed over 3,000 hours of volunteering to the cities sporting infrastructure.

The Achievement Project will now encompass a wider range of training opportunities, which in turn will develop and create a sustainable and fit for purpose workforce.

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